Restaurant Poseydon


High quality food in a blissful Mediterranean ambience



Our Story

Welcome To Poseydon

This family owned and run restaurant has a long tradition of over 30 years. Our main focus, and a secret to our success, is using only high quality ingredients, friendly service, and a cozy atmosphere. Situated on a seaside terrace, it offers an enjoyable dining experience, with amazing views

Only the Best

Fresh Ingredients, Tasty Meals

Octopus Salad

Deliciously refreshing octopus salad prepared and served with homegrown mediterranean spices and herbs

Fresh Adriatic Fish

Enjoy a variety of catch-of-the-day fish, grilled over slow fire and served with potatoes and seasoned with herbs and olive oil

Grilled Beefsteak

Prime cut beefsteak grilled to your liking, prepared with mushroom or green pepper sauce, with the side of french fries



Buzara Style Mussels

Traditional Croatian dish made from Ston mussels, cooked in water and wine, and seasoned with Mediterranean herbs



Island Pag Cheese selection

Enjoy one of the most recognizable Croatian dishes, made from mixed cow and sheep cheese, served with olives and vegetables




What People are Saying

“Terrace with a view!!”

Had a lunch here yesterday and I have to say that everything was near perfect! Friendly and attentive service, great food and the stunning view! Loved it! Definitely will come back!

“One of my favourites”

Hard to describe a place that is so beautiful! Sunsets are amazing, a very quiet relaxed place (so no loud music!). The service is nice and relaxed as well, very friendly waiters. Food is really good. Very fresh and well served. I came here quite often with new people and they all loved it!

“Excellent lunch”

Welcomed in even though we went in before their proper opening hours. Started with a coffee and stayed for lunch. All well prepared and served by friendly staff. A great little restaurant on the beach in plat. Don’t bother looking elsewhere.

“Best food ever”

One of the best meals last few weeks,try rumpsteak grill….service,ambience,everything is highly recommended.

Hours of Operation

09:00am – 11:00pm

10:00pm – 11:00pm